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Art Bucks Anyone?

Today ASU hosted the School of Art Fest / New student recruitment day ;D. Being the ultra-nuturer that I am, I took advantage and adopted three new incoming undergraduates. Sorry everyone, if you are going to college to escape your parents, you best keep your distance from me cause I will mother you to death.

On a more professional note, my Diablo Printmaker's Guildies took part in the art fest by printing out art bucks and showcased other print ephemora to raise money. As our club freebie, I put together a design for some buttons, which had to correlate wth this year's Art Fest theme. However, the theme went from "More bang for your buck" to "In art we trust" last minute, so I thought "If these two themes had a lovechild, what would it look like?" Let me know what you all think of it! Thank you Luaren for turning my design, and some, into ultra cool swag buttons for our club table.

While Luaren and Janet Diaz, two of my favorite printmakers and friends, handled the hand printing of the art bucks, I managed the selling of prints and art bucks distribution... and I loved every minute of it! Got to meet such wonderful people and listen to their stories. So goes to show, art brings community together in the most beautiful of ways.

Oh, and might I mention that shook hands with the Dean without realizing who he was... I shall never wash my hand again.


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