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Imprint One Strikes Again

"Those overcoming all odds are worth of respect and provide exemplary models to learn from and pattern ourselves. Many who achieve vaulted status, will admit that they did so standing on the shoulders of great teachers and mentors who truly had something to bring to the classroom. This vital relationship between student and teacher constitutes the primary bridge connecting generations.”

- Tim High -

Tim High, you have outdone yourself once again! You turned your magnificent exhibition, Imprint One, that brought together so many talented printmakers works, into one fabulous article in The Journal Of The Print World. It still feels so surreal seeing my work next to all these class A printmakers, including, but not limited to, Kathryn Maxwell, Mary Hood, Lee Chesney III, David Newman, and Karen Kunc.

I dream that someday Tim and I will have a duo exhibition together. We can call it "The Art Father and his Art Daughter." Then it would be written about in all the major art magazines! I bet my new reading buddy Frances would most certainly enjoy them like she did with this one. Although she is blind and deaf, she can sense great work when it is near!


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