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GPSA Teaching Excellence

Had to pinch myself when I received the congratulatory email from ASU's Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSA) that I won the Teaching Excellence Award "in recognition for exemplary teaching at Arizona State University."

I applied even though I knew this year they were overwhelmed with applicants (over 215 entries!). In truth, I just really wanted to see if I was as good of a teacher that I hopped to become when I first arrived at ASU. Teaching is my passion alongside my art, and every semester I hope to make a difference in the education and lives of my students.

I have to say, this award is just as much mine as it is my students'. On the first class day, I always tell them " in this course, I expect to learn from you as you will learn from me."

Huge thank you to GPSA for reviewing my online application and attending one of my 2D Design lectures!

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