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Blowout X Grand Opening Night

It was a much bigger turnout than expected, and I definitely blushed more than originally predicted. Blowout X was a night to remember, and the best part is that I got to share every moment with my partners in crime; my mother and sister

The amount of support, compliments, and intrigue about my prints was mind-bottling! All that practicing on developing my strong American handshake went to pot. My ligaments turned into those of a flounder's due to the shock, excitement, and gratitude. "Please, we would love to talk to you. We think you are going to be famous someday." How does one keep their cool hearing that?

Well, until that day, what is my next adventure? Onward to Knoxville, Tennessee! Thank you to the everyone who contributed to my Bob Anderson Memorial Travel Scholarship to SGCI. A truly amazing



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