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My BFA Senior Show

Debuted on March 6th, 2015, exactly six months since my graduation, UP+UP was in full swing. It seemed as if the whole of Austin was there (clearly I've never been to A.C.L.), due to the amount of foot trampling and limited hearing capacity for conversation. The graduating student works were selected by the faculty out of two potential submissions. I for one am grateful that my "Defacement" got chosen. A review by the art critic and artist, Seth Orion Schwaiger, described mine as being one of "the most compelling works." Thank you Schwaiger, we will definitely be in touch!

Besides the excellent critique, my overall experience of the show was one of extreme nostalgia. Therefore, to fill the void, I felt that it was necessary to have a copy of each pin design being handed out showcasing the work.

My mother had a spot already reserved on her wall for this piece once the show was over, but she's going to have to wait till 2016. Watch here for upcoming news on who managed to snatch this baby up for a whole year!


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