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IMPRINT ONE: National Print Invitational Exhibition

Curated by my mentor Tim High, comes IMPRINT ONE, hosted at Austin Oak's church's VAM Gallery. By inviting 25 printmakers from across the country, including yours truly, IMPRINT ONE is set to be a highlight of Print Austin; a month-long initiaitve that celebrates the fine art of printmaking. Even though I will not be able to attened the exhibitoin, I am really excited since two of my prints will be featured alongside a couple of my professors' at ASU; Mary Hood and Kathryn Maxwell.

With Tim High at the helm, I know it is going to be a fantastic show! Not only is he an extremely talented serigraphist, he is incredibly kind and generous; the father I never had and always longed for. Oh how I wish I could fly down to Austin to see visit the VAM Gallery and the beautiful High family! At least I get little taste of both with this mighty gorgeous exhibition catalogue Tim sent me.

IMPRINT ONE featured printmakers:

Alice Leora Briggs , Lubbock, TX Annalise Gratovich – Austin, TX Brian Johnson – Austin, TX Catherine Kernan – Boston, MA Charles Beneke – Akron, OH David Newman – Dallas, TX Elvia Perrin – Austin, TX Jim Lee – West Hartford, CT John Welsh – Austin. TX Juergen Strunck - - Southlake, TX Karen Kunc – Lincoln, NE Kathryn Maxwell – Tempe, AZ Kathy Brimberry – Austin, TX Kimberjy Arp – Baton Rouge, LA Lee Chesney, III – Austin. TX Lenore Thomas – Pittsburgh, PA Leslie Koptcho – Baton Rouge, LA Lynwood Kreneck – Lubbock, TX Mary Hood – Tempe, AZ Melissa Harshman – Athens, GA Natalie Bradford – Austin, TX Sofia Proffitt Paz - Chandler, AZ Stephanie Hunder – Hudson, WI Tim High – Curator or VAM Gallery – Austin, TX


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