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First Sofia-Conducted Demo!

Remember the Diablo Printmakers' Club first annual juried exhibition? Where my first DASS-transfer print was featured? Well, it was at that opening night where I met Wendy Willis, who asked if I would demonstrate the DASS technique to the Arizona Print Club. Of coarse I jumped at this unique opportunity! This art professor wanna-be wants all the experience she can get!

Four months later, and here we are at Marly Kubicek's beautiful studio! I first got to mingle amongst the club members over lunch, where I met some of the nicest people and talented artists. The demo proved to be just as entertaining. As I moved from demonstrating the DASS film on paper, to wood, and fabric, excitement spurred across the club members. It soon became a frenzy of questions and idea exchanges around the room!

The funnest part was showing on the forearm of a brave volunteer, how the DASS film can be used for temporary tattoos! This is when the peeling-away of the DASS transparency was followed by a collective "Awwwww!" across the crowd. In true honesty, I am not sure if I was most happy to hear that they enjoyed the demo, or the fact that everyone wanted one of my lion tattoos!

I am so grateful to have had my master photographer big sister there with me. I would have been extra nervous if I didn't have a familiar loving face to look for across the room. Thank you Arizona Print Club for taking a chance on a demo virgin, and taking me one step closer towards my dream of pursuing a career in University education.


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