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Prints in Portugal!

One of the best things about being an artist is that you can be in two places at once... metaphorically speaking! For the next few months a selection of my prints will be in Douro, Portugal!

Featured in the 3rd Global Print 2017 and the International Printmaking Biennale my stone and photolithographs (see below) will proudly be representing Argentina amongst the other 500 invited artists. Composing 60 countries' worth of art on paper, these events are two of the largest printmaking exhibitions in the world.

So if you happen to find yourself across the pond, have a flight delay, or just want to escape, detour to these exhibitions! Then you can write to me about it and spare no details ;)

Also take the time to view my personal artist page on the global print website by clicking on the image to the left. Enjoy!


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